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Best Hotels for Business Aviation Crews and Passengers

Why should I use AC-U-KWIK to find a hotel? Isn’t it easier to do an internet search before my trip? 

FBOs, handlers and airport managers recommend hotels near their airports that suit the needs of business aviation. AC-U-KWIK publishes this select set of preferred hotels on and and in the Managers' World Edition airport and FBO directory. Recommended hotels at Centennial Airport (KAPA) in Denver are sorted by travel time from the airport.Certainly, there is no shortage of ways to book a hotel room today. The internet has changed the way we shop and choose accommodations when we travel for business or vacation.

However, there are several considerations that come into play when booking hotels for crew or passengers who fly on private aircraft. An internet hotel search or recommendation from Trivago,, TripAdvisor and any other travel sites might be the preferred method when flying commercially. AC-U-KWIK polls FBOs to establish a select group of preferred hotels that cater to general aviation. The FBOs have direct relationships with these hotels and often offer a discount to aircraft personnel and passengers.

Twice a year, when AC-U-KWIK contacts each FBO, handler and airport manager, we ask them to list the hotels with which they most often do business. AC-U-KWIK staff then researches each of these hotels and enters into our database the name, local phone number, fax number, address, number of rooms, average booking rates, company website, email and, most importantly, travel time from airport to hotel measured in minutes.

Our ongoing communications with FBOs and handlers also results in quicker updates when hotels open, close or change names. All of this information can be found on, its companion website and the AC-U-KWIK Managers’ World Edition FBO and airport directory — available in print and in our ebook app for iOS devices.

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