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National Jets – “Weathers Hurricane Irma”  

National Jets thanks its concerned friends, and they are happy to report that National Jets made it through Hurricane Irma and their group is safe and sound. As of Tuesday, Sept., 13, at 0400 AM, EST - KFLL was open for business as usual. National Jets started receiving its first arrivals that morning and is well stocked with Jet-A and AVGAS having not been affected by any fuel supply problems.

Evacuations came in all shapes and sizes, from a small sport plane on the back of a tractor trailer to our typical corporate aircraft and even commercial 737’s and 757’s – National Jets was fully prepared for passenger groups, large and small – even the furry kind!

We would like to thank all our employees, vendors and law enforcement for supporting us over this past week!

We encourage you to advise us of your arrival information via email or call our primary number 954-359-0066 or our alternate 954-789-0772.

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