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Ask AC-U-KWIK: How Crews Find FBOs on the Field

Q: In the AC-U-KWIK North American airport/FBO book I see that almost all of the FBOs list their location as being north, south, east or west. North or south of what?

A: It is important that we publish each FBO’s location on the field to assist pilots and crew in reaching their FBO of choice. The small circle with the direction designation denotes the FBO’s location relative to the center of the airport environment. Obviously, there is no such mark on the field, or geographically defined “airport center,” so we ask FBO managers to give us their best estimation.

Of course, the best way to let pilots know the exact location is to include the FBO on an AC-U-KWIK airport diagram. These diagrams appear on, the AC-U-KWIK mobile app and the Managers’ World Edition. They leave no question about the precise location of the FBO relative to the airport runway and taxiway configuration. The diagrams ensure that pilots will have a clear portrait of the airport and will be able to reach an FBO in the safest and most efficient way possible.

FBOs that advertise with AC-U-KWIK receive their location on the diagram as a special benefit.

For FBOs seeking information on advertising opportunities with AC-U-KWIK, please contact Sara Hellon at 913-967-1833 or

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It is unfortunate that you do publish an up-to-date list of restaurants at each airport and nearby. If you did, you could make your publication unique and really useful.
August 18, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMark Patiky

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