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West Star Aviation's Dave Girard Receives the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award

West Star Aviation announced Dave Girard received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award for 50 years as a mechanic.

The Charles Taylor Master Mechanic award is an honor presented by the FAA and recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of senior aviation mechanics.

"I am humbled to have received this award from the FAA. I started in this business as a teenager and now I work with an excellent group of experienced aviation professionals providing knowledge and building dynamic relationships for a world-class MRO," said Dave Girard, technical sales manager, West Star Aviation.

Dave began his career in aviation right out of high school working at Boeing. When he enlisted in the Air Force in the mid-sixties, he ended up serving in the Vietnam War as a Phantom Staff Sergeant. In 1972, Dave accepted a position with Cessna and worked his way up to the delivery group making sure Conquest aircraft were de-squawked upon delivery. He worked side by side with Cessna Conquest engineers expanding his overall knowledge of Conquest aircraft.

Dave began his career with West Star Aviation in 1981, known at the time as Monarch Aviation, in sales until 1996, after 5 years, he returned to West Star Aviation in Grand Junction, CO in 2001 and since has worked his way up to technical sales manager for Textron/Embraer.

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