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Ask AC-U-KWIK: FAQ on the Managers' World Edition eBook App

Today we’ll take a look at some of the most common questions related to AC-U-KWIK’s release of the Managers’ World Edition eBook app for the iPad:

If you already have an AC-U-KWIK app, why would you make an eBook?

We still have a huge base of loyal print book users, but it is no secret that eBooks really caught on once the iPad hit the market. Since our print books are fairly sizable, we thought we would take the opportunity to offer a digital version of the book who could be downloaded to the iPad ... for users that are looking for something a little less hefty.

But why is it an app and not in the iBookstore?

The technology behind eBooks is still evolving and graphic books with multiple fonts and lots of formatting present some issues in the epub format. The Managers’ World Edition isn’t a novel. So the best solution was to build an eBook inside of a self-standing app. Functionally, the app is really just a shell for the eBook.

How do I get this eBook App?

On your iPad, go to the App Store and search for “AC-U-KWIK” or “ACUKWIK.” You can also search for the full title, “AC-U-KWIK Managers’ World Edition.” Or go through the iTunes Store.

How do you navigate through the book?

Sort of like a real book. There is a country-state index that you can scroll through to quickly get to your section. Then you just flip pages to the airport you need. There is also a bookmark feature that is really great for saving a page that has an airport that you frequently fly into.

This is the 2016-2017 Managers’ World Edition. The new print edition comes out in late August. Why would I buy this now?

When you purchase this app, you are purchasing a 12-month subscription for $59.99 that allows you access to the app. The eBook app will be updated with the new 2017-2018 edition in the fall and based on the 12-month subscription, active users will be able to update in the fall at no extra cost. In other words, subscribers always have access to the most current AC-U-KWIK Managers’ World Edition.

How will the update work?

We expect the update to work just like any other app update on your iPad. You will get a notification and will simply need to allow the update to load.

Is there an identifier search?

We did include a beta version of a text search, but there are problems inherent in searching the entire text of a book for an airport identifier. The main issue is that identifiers or the same sequence of letters can show up in multiple areas of the book. The text search performs better with an airport or city name, but this is still a beta tool for the app. Improved text search functionality is a priority on the roadmap for our development team and we plan to include that in a future update.

What is the cost of the eBook app?

The app is $59.99 for 12 months of access to the most current edition of the ebook.

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