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Renaissance International Holdings Announces Aviation Finance Program with Quartz Finance Ltd. 

Renaissance International Completions Limited (RICL), a subsidiary of Canadian Renaissance International Holdings (RIH), a leading provider of Aircraft Interior Completion Management and cockpit ancillary products and other related aviation services throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Quartz Finance Ltd (QFL), a company specializing in the sourcing of finance, to provide RIH’s customers with funding alternatives for work contracted with RICL.   

As well as for business aviation and luxury marine, QFL has extensive knowledge of financing projects in the corporate and public sectors of the technology, energy and recycling markets. The team has more than 100 years of combined experience and has arranged more than $3 billion of funding in Europe and the USA.

“We look forward to working with Renaissance to ensure their clients have access to the most competitive options available in the international finance community," said Ian Jackson, Aviation and Marine Consultant at QFL. "Our extensive network of funders will ensure we can propose the most appropriate, cost effective solution available.” 

RICL, located in Doncaster, England, is in the process of establishing their aircraft refurbishment center for midyear 2010 opening. RIH’s and RICL’s network includes domestic and international partners, private and commercial aviation companies, Fortune 500 leaders, as well as Government and Defense contractors. RICL’s product offerings include, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Bio Air Purification System (BPS), Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), Satcom communications and Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS).

Through this partnership, QFL will offer financing for RICL’s products and services on behalf of its clients and partners throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

“This Partnership will provide RICL’s clients with the opportunity to upgrade mission critical aviation technology within their aircraft fleet with flexible financing options," said Bryan Landry, President of RICL. "This financing program is very important because it allows the owners and the pilots to operate with the latest technology within a secure environment without direct cash flows being affected. The transparency around our financial support to our clients will provide strategic growth in sectors that were poorly represented in the past.” 

About Renaissance International Holdings /Renaissance International Completions:

RIH/RICL provides completion services and products for business jet owners. The RIH/RICL team is  recognized throughout North America, Europe and the Emirates and its mission is supported by the Canadian and British government dignitaries and diplomats as well as various leading corporations and high net worth individuals that have purchased, intend to purchase or plan to retrofit narrow body and wide body business jets. 

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About Quartz Finance Ltd

There are compelling arguments for any supplier to have a customer finance program at the heart of its sales process. Potential customers regularly give financial objections to placing an order, whether it is the opportunity cost of their capital, budget constraints, balance sheet issues or a requirement to maintain a certain level of liquidity. A successful, independent, customer finance program allows the vendor to fundamentally change the supplier/customer relationship and encourages a partnership approach. For a supplier to realize these benefits it is crucial for them to work with a partner who has experience of making it happen, and who puts their needs first.

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