Signature Flight Support Expands to Six Additional Italian Airports
Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 9:16AM
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Signature Flight Support is expanding its business aviation support services in Italy with the addition of six airports.

The expansion follows several months of preparation, including the establishment of qualified local partnerships and an exhaustive vetting process conducted by Italian aviation authorities. Existing locations at Milan-Linate (LIML), Milan-Malpensa (LIMC) and Rome-Ciampino (LIRA) are augmented by the addition of key airports at Bergamo (LIME), Catania (LICC), Florence (LIRQ), Naples (LIRN), Palermo (LICJ), and Pisa (LIRP). Operating permits, slot acquisition, and PPR approvals are added to the portfolio of handling services coordinated from Signature’s 24/7 Italian operations center at Milan-Linate airport.

The resultant ENAC certification at Bergamo’s Orio al Serio Int’l Airport, complimented by the inauguration of a new General Aviation Terminal at Milan’s Malpensa Airport, allow for the continuation of business aviation arrivals to Northern Italy during Milan-Linate’s three month closure for runway construction.


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