Leon and Flightworx Deliver Flight Support Solution
Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 10:27AM
AC-U-KWIK in Flightworx, Leon, News

In cooperation with Flightworx, Leon has introduced a new solution for flight support services. The software offers external fleet management and collaboration between flight support and its ad-hoc or consistent client base. Users can also define permits required for an overflight or landing.

With Flightworx’s support, Leon has developed advanced billing sheets to help flight support companies with setting up and delivering proper settlements to their clients. The billing process is automated and the data included in the pricing configuration is reflected on the billing documentation, allowing for transparency and efficient information flow.

The current version of Leon offers several models of service, starting with services delivered on ad-hoc basis, through more advanced levels in which company’s clients receive guest logins with basic access to the platform. Clients can add or cancel their planned flights via Leon and stay up-to-date with flight preparations through featured checklists. The most comprehensive model provides services for clients using Leon for their own operations. In this scenario, mutual clients can benefit from a wider range of features, including integrations available in Leon, such as PPS, Avinode, CAMP and many others

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