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AC-U-KWIK's Managers' World Edition
eBook App FAQ

How does the eBook App work?
The AC-U-KWIK Managers’ World Edition ebook app allows you to download a replica of AC-U-KWIK’s comprehensive print desktop resource to your iOS device and is offered as an annual 12-month subscription. An active subscription allows you to have access to the most current version.

I am having trouble renewing my subscription.
In some cases, the Apple IOS Screentime default may interfere with the purchase process. In your Settings app, under Screentime, please make sure the Managers' World Edition app is "Always Allowed."

If you already have an AC-U-KWIK app, why would you make an eBook?

We still have a huge base of loyal print book users, but it is no secret that eBooks really caught on once the iPad hit the market. Since our print books are fairly sizable, we thought we would take the opportunity to offer a digital version of the book who could be downloaded to the iPad ... for users that are looking for something a little less hefty.

But why is it an app and not in the iBookstore?

The technology behind eBooks is still evolving and graphic books with multiple fonts and lots of formatting present some issues in the epub format. The Managers’ World Edition isn’t a novel. So the best solution was to build an eBook inside of a self-standing app. Functionally, the app is really just a shell for the eBook.

How do I get this eBook App?

On your iPad or iPhone, go to the App Store and search for “AC-U-KWIK” or “ACUKWIK.” You can also search for the full title, “AC-U-KWIK Managers’ World Edition.” Or go through the iTunes Store.

How do you navigate through the book?

There is a search function that works best by using the common airport identifiers. There is also a bookmark feature that is really great for saving a page that has an airport that you frequently fly into.

The new print edition comes out in late August. Why would I buy this now?

When you purchase this app, you are purchasing a 12-month subscription for $59.99 that allows you access to the app. The eBook app will be updated with the new edition every fall season and based on the 12-month subscription, active users will be able to update in the fall at no extra cost. In other words, subscribers always have access to the most current AC-U-KWIK Managers’ World Edition.

How will the update work?

The update will work just like any other app update on your iPad. You will get a notification and will simply need to allow the update to load.