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ACSF’s Aviation Safety Action Program Surpasses 5,000 Reports

The Air Charter Safety Foundation’s (ACSF) is pleased to announce that it has surpassed 5,000 reports submitted into its Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). ACSF is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration as a third-party ASAP program manager, in order to share, verify and mitigate aviation safety-related issues.

The goal of ASAP is to enhance aviation safety through the prevention of incidents and accidents. The ACSF ASAP currently has 145 participating companies (67 Part 135 charter operators and 78 Part 91 flight departments), who voluntarily report and help resolve safety issues in a “non-threatening” environment.

While the ACSF ASAP can be used as a part of any operator’s safety management system, seven aviation safety companies incorporate ACSF-ASAP reports within their electronic safety management system software platforms, thus making it easier for aviation organizations to report safety incidents and events. These companies include: ARGUS, Aviation Manuals, Baldwin Aviation, FltPlan.com, Polaris Aero, QuickBase and Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc.

The ASAP provides a systematic approach for employees of on-demand charter operators, fractional program managers, and Part 91 flight departments, helping them to promptly identify and correct potential safety hazards before they lead to a potential incident or accident. The program relies on employee input to identify such safety concerns and issues as: operational deficiencies, non-compliance with regulations, deviations from company policies and procedures, and unusual events. Importantly, the ASAP, in cooperation and with support of the FAA, fosters a non-punitive approach to ensuring flight safety.

For further information, visit www.acsf.aero or contact Bryan Burns at 703-244-4154. 

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