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NATA Launches “Avoid Illegal Charter” Website

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and its Illegal Charter Task Force are pleased to announce the launch of a new website (www.avoidillegalcharter.com) dedicated to assisting members and the traveling public in identifying, avoiding, and reporting illegal charter activity. The site is segmented into five functional areas with fact sheets and information essential to each air charter audience: operators, owners, brokers, consumers, and the FAA.

Available to all site visitors are two easily accessible tools: the Look Up a Charter Operator search function and the online Illegal Charter Report Form. The Look Up a Charter Operator function is a user-friendly tool for navigating FAA air charter certificate data. Any interested party may simply enter an operator name or aircraft tail number to verify charter status. If an operator is suspected of engaging in illegal charter, a report may be made by calling the Illegal Charter Hotline (888-SKY-FLT1) or by using the new, online Illegal Charter Report Form. Individuals may choose to remain anonymous through either reporting option.

“Through these new tools and educational materials, NATA is leading the effort to prevent illegal charters from undermining safe and legitimate businesses. The new search and reporting capabilities provide the agility needed in the field to support the ultimate goal of putting an end to illegal charter. We are encouraged by the immediate adoption of these tools with inquiries already submitted,” stated NATA Vice President Ryan Waguespack.

In addition, an array of resources provided to help understand the risks of illegal charter are available here and have been used along with the fact sheets at industry events across the nation to educate stakeholders. 

“As long as we continue to see cases of suspected illegal charter, more must be done to sound the alarm and educate the industry and public at all levels of the inherent risks and dangers of these activities,” added Waguespack. “We are pleased to partner with more and more FAA field offices in supporting events designed to highlight these potential life-saving messages in their particular region. Together we will make a greater impact.”  

Visit www.avoidillegalcharter.com before hiring a charter operator, if you suspect an operator is engaging in illegal charter, or if you need more information in keeping aircraft leases legal – Fly Smarter: Avoid Illegal Charter.

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