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Government Shutdown Enters Third Week – General Aviation Feeling Effects

As the partial shutdown of the federal government enters its third week, lawmakers have failed to reach a compromise on border security, resulting in the halt of funding to the Department of Transportation and other unfunded departments in Fiscal Year 2019. There have been numerous attempts in Congress to end the shutdown, most recently by House Democrats to extend funding to the Department of Homeland Security through February 8th and the other unfunded agencies, including DOT, through September 30th. The House approved the package last Thursday and sent it to the Senate, but there is not enough support for it to pass the upper chamber, and President Trump has said he would veto it, or any other legislation that does not provide funding for the border wall.

The general aviation community is beginning to feel the effects of the shutdown, with numerous reports of failed attempts to obtain ferry permits or add aircraft. Under the shutdown, the DOT requires the FAA only keep enough people in critical positions to maintain the safety of the current system. All other employees, including designated airworthiness representatives (DARs), are not essential and unable to assist aviation businesses as they continue operations. NATA is in contact with the FAA on this issue and is ready to assist you during the shutdown. Click here to contact an NATA government affairs staff member.

For more information about the government shutdown and which DOT and FAA offices are affected, click here.

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