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How much storage does the App require?
173 mb

Do you need internet access for the App to operate?
No, the base AC-U-KWIK app is designed to run without internet access. However, the following features require internet access:

  • FAA Diagrams
  • Google Maps
  • Notams
  • Instrument Procedures
  • Weather

How often is the app updated?
Every 28 days

How many devices can I use my subscription on?
Individual user accounts are limited to two devices.

My app indicates that I have too many devices. How do I manage my devices?
Using the menu on the upper right, access the Devices menu. You can “swipe” to have options for each device presented. Delete a device and re-login to regain access to your app. If you have further issues, contact Customer Service at / 800-400-5945 or 913-967-1719.

How do I get my subscription updated when it is time to update?
You can renew through our AC-U-KWIK’s online e-commerce page or by contacting Customer Service at / 800-400-5945 or 913-967-1719.

What do I need to do when my username or password isn’t working?
For password issues, you can utilize the “Forgot Password” link on the Log In screen. If you have additional username or password issues, contact Customer Service at / 800-400-5945 or 913-967-1719.

Do I need to enable location services?
No, it isn’t required. You simply will not see your current location on the opening map screen. You can navigate to your current location through the search box.

Updated 07.12.2016