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What Is the Difference Between the AC-U-KWIK eBook App and the AC-U-KWIK App?

What is the difference between the AC-U-KWIK eBook app and the AC-U-KWIK app?

Great question! Quite simply the AC-U-KWIK iOS app for the iPad and iPhone is a full application resource with map search functionality, airport information, FBO location diagrams, weather, detailed FBO/handler pages and plenty more with subscription tiers for North American and global access.

On the other hand, the Managers’ World Edition eBook App is a straight-up digital version of AC-U-KWIK’s desktop print edition — our most comprehensive global print resource. It does offer bookmarking and multiple search options plus the convenience of not hauling around a 3 lb. book.

For more information, check out our eBook FAQ. Here’s a video showing the basic functionality released when we launched the eBook app:


eBook Update: 2016-2017 AC-U-KWIK Managers’ World Edition 

AC-U-KWIK is pleased to announce the release of the new update for the AC-U-KWIK Managers’ World Edition iOS eBook app. The update includes the new 2016-2017 edition of the AC-U-KWIK’s most comprehensive desktop directory. Current subscribers should have received an update notification to download the new edition or you can check the app store for updates. If you are not a current subscriber, you can download via the Apple App Store or through iTunes.

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Ask AC-U-KWIK: Managers’ World Edition eBook App 2014-2015 Update

Today we’ll check on the update to AC-U-KWIK’s Managers’ World Edition eBook app for the iPad:

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Ask AC-U-KWIK: FAQ on the Managers' World Edition eBook App

Today we’ll take a look at some of the most common questions related to AC-U-KWIK’s release of the Managers’ World Edition eBook app for the iPad:

If you already have an AC-U-KWIK app, why would you make an eBook?

We still have a huge base of loyal print book users, but it is no secret that eBooks really caught on once the iPad hit the market. Since our print books are fairly sizable, we thought we would take the opportunity to offer a digital version of the book that could be downloaded to the iPad ... for users that are looking for something a little less hefty.

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Introducing the AC-U-KWIK eBook App for iPad

AC-U-KWIK is pleased to introduce the Managers’ World Edition eBook iPad app which is now available in the Apple App Store. This new addition to the AC-U-KWIK line of digital products now offers one year of access to AC-U-KWIK's most comprehensive print resource as a convenient eBook. That means, when the new edition arrives in the fall, app subscribers will be able to do a simple update to stay current. By maintaining the one-year subscription, Managers’ World Edition app users will always have access to the most recent edition.

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