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NBAA-BACE 2017: AC-U-KWIK and Aviation Week Network Exhibiting in Booth C10229

AC-U-KWIK and the rest of the Aviation Week Network will exhibit, discuss and demonstrate their products in booth C10229 at the 2017 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Las Vegas Oct. 10-12. Read on to learn what, specifically, is happening in Vegas.

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What Is the Difference Between the AC-U-KWIK eBook App and the AC-U-KWIK App?

What is the difference between the AC-U-KWIK eBook app and the AC-U-KWIK app?

Great question! Quite simply the AC-U-KWIK iOS app for the iPad and iPhone is a full application resource with map search functionality, airport information, FBO location diagrams, weather, detailed FBO/handler pages and plenty more with subscription tiers for North American and global access.

On the other hand, the Managers’ World Edition eBook App is a straight-up digital version of AC-U-KWIK’s desktop print edition — our most comprehensive global print resource. It does offer bookmarking and multiple search options plus the convenience of not hauling around a 3 lb. book.

For more information, check out our eBook FAQ. Here’s a video showing the basic functionality released when we launched the eBook app:


Ask AC-U-KWIK: Can I Continue Using the AC-U-KWIK App without Updating it?

Question: Last week, I launched my AC-U-KWIK iPad app and received a message that a data update was available. It asked if I wanted to proceed with the update. I was pressed for time, and my Wi-Fi connection was fairly sketchy, so I tappedNo” and closed the app. Could I have still used the app without going through the updating process?

Answer: Yes. The app would have still retained its complete functionality even though you did not proceed with the data update. This also applies to the airport diagram update that was provided to our users on the following day. The update only contains changes that have been made since the last update cycle; it only amounts to a fraction of the overall airport and FBO data set that resides on the app.

The update process is quick and painless, provided you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. It should only take a few minutes at most.


Five Reasons to Visit AC-U-KWIK in Booth N5521 at NBAA2015

The top five reasons to visit AC-U-KWIK in booth N5521 at NBAA2015 are:

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Ask ACUKWIK: Do I Need to Enable Location Services on the App?

No, it isn’t required. You simply will not see your current location on the opening map screen. You can navigate to your current location through the search box.
Visit the AC-U-KWIK App FAQ for more information.

Ask ACUKWIK: Do You Need Internet Access for the App to Operate?

No, the base AC-U-KWIK app is designed to run without internet access. However, the following features require internet access:

  • FAA Diagrams
  • Google Maps
  • Notams
  • Instrument Procedures
  • Weather

Visit the AC-U-KWIK App FAQ for more information.


Ask AC-U-KWIK: How Often Does the AC-U-KWIK App Update?

Every 26 days to coincide with the release of the newest FAA instrument approach diagrams and FAA airport diagrams.