Fort Wayne Aero Center Aims for High Levels of Customer Service
Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 2:22PM
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Fort Wayne Aero Center, the three-year-old FBO at Fort Wayne International Airport (KFWA) in Northeast Indiana, is on a mission “to provide concierge-level service to everyone,” Joe Behling, director of fixed base operations, says.

Around Christmas in 2018, the staff showed the local flying club and a passenger looking forward to a night flight how it has taken Hoosier Hospitality to heart to provide such service.

The passenger, who is an amputee with one leg, and the flying club worried he would not be able to board the aircraft. The customer service representative at the FBO rounded up other staff members, who all chipped in to help the passenger into the aircraft. Following the successful flight to view holiday light displays, the staff helped the passenger deplane.

Later, the passenger expressed his gratitude in a note addressed to “the muscle men” at the FBO.

“We take each customer one at a time and give them the attention they need,” Behling says. “Regardless of aircraft size or services needed, we take care of you.”

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