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C&L Aerospace Purchases ERJ145 to be Parted Out for Sale or Exchange

C&L Aerospace, A C&L Aviation Group company, has purchased an ERJ145 aircraft from to be parted out. All parts from the aircraft will be stocked in C&L’s warehouses in the US and around the globe and available for sale or exchange.

Parts from the ERJ will supplement existing inventory and be used to support PBH and rotable parts contracts, as C&L currently has with operators. It will also be utilized on aircraft in heavy maintenance at their Bangor, Maine Part 145 maintenance facility where C&L performs heavy maintenance on a variety of regional aircraft, including the ERJ.

“Our ability to finalize the deal and close quickly was the main reason we won this deal, unlike other potential buyers that would need approval at various levels before being able to make a commitment" said Jameel Wazir, Executive Vice President of C&L Aerospace.

The parts, along with their corresponding documentation, are photographed, barcoded and scanned into an electronic location system. The photographs are provided with all customer quotes.

For more information, visit C&L’s Regional Aircraft Parts page, or call 207-217-6050.

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