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Aircraft Lighting Intl Announces PMA Approval of its L1309X Direct Replacement LED Bulb

Aircraft Lighting International (“ALI”) is proud to announce that the L1309X Direct Replacement LED bulb is now PMA certified. The L1309X LED bulb is a true direct replacement to replace standard incandescent bulbs, such as the 1308, 1309, and 2232, to name a few.

The L1309X LED bulb could not be a more straightforward LED upgrade; all one has to do is simply remove the incandescent bulb and plugin ALI’s L1309X. There are No new assemblies, No rewiring, No polarity issues, No new switches, No new plating needed, just plug them in and you’re good to go. The benefits of ALI’s L1309X goes beyond improved lighting; the power draw of the L1309X is roughly one-tenth that of a standard incandescent.


In other words, 10 L1309X’s will have the same current draw as one incandescent 1309/1308. Moreover, less current draw means less heat, so now one can touch their reading light fixtures without getting burned!

The L1309X comes in cool or warm color temperatures to compliment one’s existing wash-lighting system and comes with ALI’s standard three-year manufacturer’s warranty for LED products. It’s a no brainer, come see the L1309X on display at NBAA-BACE, booth C9615!

The L1309X is the second product line to receive PMA certification this year for ALI. Earlier this year the 8mm LED Direct Replacement wash-lighting system was announced. Designed for Falcon 2000, 900, and 50s, ALI has already installed this system in countless aircrafts. The 8mm LED system is self-ballasted, meaning the LED lamps bypass the aircraft’s AL-2004 ballasts and operates directly off of 28V DC ship’s power. The combination of the 8mm LED system requiring fewer parts and its longer lifespan translates to tremendous cost savings overtime.

Moreover, installation of the 8mm LED system is truly plug-n-play, allowing owner/operators to retain existing lamp holders, diffusors and dimming controls without having to rewire or certify the installation. Like every LED product from ALI, the 8mm LED system improves the cabin’s ambiance, produces little to no heat, uses less energy, are shatterproof, and free of mercury; all of which reduce costs and the need for maintenance.

ALI will also have the 8mm LED Direct Replacement system on display at NBAA-BACE, booth C9615.

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